Elite Breakers Association

1. How do I get corrections made?
This system is run by volunteers who will do their best to help you. Please send a polite email to info@EventsReg.org with a subject line referring to EBA rankings and the level of detail you have available. Screenshots that include the URL and division of interest are always helpful. Usually you can expect an email back indicating receipt of your message. We then need to track down original data from the tournament to identify the source of the error and then to get it fixed. We will then email back letting you know about the resolution. As volunteers, we get busy too. If it seems like we missed your message, or have not responded after some time, please drop us a note letting us know you are checking in again about your situation.

2. How long before a tournament results get recorded?
This varies mostly based on whether the tournament registration and management was run through EventsReg?
A) If so, then we try to make sure all divisions have been recorded with results. This can be a day and has been a week. There are multiple people with responsibilities for getting the information recorded. Then results are posted.
B) If not, then the tournament promoter creates a summary spreadsheet from the tabulations and sends them to EventsReg. Then data cleansing occurs to synchronize competitors and genders and clubs, and divisions. The combined time can a few weeks (and has taken longer). Then the rankings are posted.

3. How do rankings get so messed up?
To err is human (to really foul up requires a computer). Everyone is doing their best given the information they have. Occasionally distractions occur and divisions can be overlooked for recording points. For tournaments not using EventsReg, names are transposed manually from tabulation sheets onto a summary list for uploading. Incomplete data, poor penmanship, etc. all lead to errors. To best protect your points, be sure the tabulation sheets are completed in full and spellings are clear. The system uses first name, last name, and date of birth to identify people. Be sure these are correct. When this data is not provided in full, then the error is on your head.

4. My event (from tournament X) is not listed. Why not?
Only the standard EBA events are listed. Congratulations on having placed, but your results will not be listed here.

5. It looks like some people are listed multiple times for the same event. What gives?
The volunteers are doing their best. The same person should only be listed once per event per tournament. If you see a person listed twice for the same event in the same tournament, please take a screenshot of where you see this and email info@EventsReg.org so it can be addressed.

Summary table of all divisions