Set up Your Stripe Account to Receive Payments from EventsReg

EventsReg utilizes the latest in technology to put your event at the head of the class. We want you to receive your money right away, as soon as the customer pays. In order to do this, we use the top third processing systems such as and other 3rd party APIs.

Stripe is a regulated banking entity and is the conduit by which we are able to send money to your bank account. At no point does EventsReg have access to any of your banking information. When you setup your account with stripe, below, stripe sends us an id by which to reference to your account.

The following table lists the fees involved in transaction as of 1/1/2016. Please review the fee schedule attachment as it provides useful information to understand how a stripe charge is split.

Third Party
Processing Fees:
Powered by Stripe
3.3% + $0.35 / transaction
Participant Fees:
by agreement
Spectator Fees:by agreement
Membership Fees:by agreement
Merchandise Fees:by agreement
Minimum Fee
per purchase:
by agreement
EventsReg Fee Schedule

To create / link your Stripe account, please click the button below.
Please note, at no time, does have access to your banking information

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