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Browsers - not all browsers are equal
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Account Management - how to add your children (or students)


Browsers - not all browsers are equal The system is based on html5 and the level of compliance of your browser plays a major role.
Don't get stuck too long on any issue
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  1. Login and User Accounts
    • Your login is based on your email and a password you select.
    • Only a single login is necessary for a family. Once you login, go to the "Manage Accounts" area to add and manage your children.
  2. Merging Existing Information
    • If you previously attended a tournament supported by EventsReg, we may have a download of your information already entered in the system. We need you to claim your information, because only one account is allowed to use an association membership id (e.g., USAT #). And if you were to re-enter all your data, you would then get stuck when you tried to set your membership id.
  3. Only One Membership Id Allowed
    • Many tournaments are managed based on a association membership id (e.g., USAT #). The system will only allow one account to hold a given membership id per association. If you get this message, please go merge your existing information (see faq #2). If you have trouble please contact and we will help you resolve this issue.

Account Management - how to add your children (or students)
1. Someone (preferably the parent or coach) will have registered for the site, providing name, password, etc.
2. Scroll down (f necessary) until you see an icon labeled "Add Family Member" or the icon labeled "Add Student". Click whichever one is appropriate.
3. Fill out the information box, like the image below

4. Upon clicking the button to "Add Account" the system will search for an existing person by that name and identifying information. It will tell you no such person exists and asks you to confirm the information, enter the captcha value, and press the button to create that person. This will create a named folder icon for your family member (visible if you are on the "dashboard" - you may need to scroll down).

5. When you have created the competitor in the system, the system will assume you want to work with / on that person and show you their current information

6. Click on the "Edit Profile" button to modify the default data.
7. Although after saving all the profile changes, you could go directly to register them for an event, but let's go back to the "Dashboard" area. Here, you will see several things...
7.a. At the top of the area, and in the left-hand box, you will see who is considered the currently active account.

In the above image, you see that we are "Administering Account of TestLast, Juan", but that we are logged into the system as a person named "testFirst testLast". For convenience, and hopefully clarify, you have the navigation buttons that tell you exactly who & what you are going to do. (The navigation options on the far left will go to exactly the same place (always the active account)).
7.b. You can switch between active accounts by clicking on the named folder. The folders are groups to the right of the family icon or student icon, depending on how you have added them.

When you select one, the navigation labels in this area will change, as will the "Administering Account of ..." statement
8. Now, let's click on the "Events" button... either the one here with the name of the active account or the one on the far left.

At the top of the area, you see "Current Events: TestLast, Juan" to be reminded of which account you are working with.

9. We then click on the event and work through the process as if you were an individual user, eventually getting to the final registration step

Along the way, the system will keep the name of the active account readily visible. Here you see the final registration step repeats the athlete's name "TestLast, Juan" in bold.

XX. If you are a coach and the student should move away, you may terminate your reference to the account by:
1. Select the named folder of interest (which will take you to the profile of that person)
2. Go back to the dashboard
3. Click on the "Remove Account" icon

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